Sewage Cutter

Sewage Cutter


GWQD 1300 has been designed specifically for sewage & soft solid dirty water submersible applications. It is ideal for small holdings and plots with
pump stations in their plumbing design.

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Its construction includes a cutter blade designed to mulch any soft solids In the fluid being pumped.

Although this pump is particularly suited for fluid containing soft solids, these must be of organic nature, and not classified as hard solids. Must have
a fluid ration of 70:30 to prevent rotor jamming.

  • • Cutter style pump
  • • High torque motor
  • • Float switch drain
  • • High clearance

Performance Range:

  • • Flow rate up to 19000L/hr
  • • Max head up to 12m

Operating Limits:

  • • Maximum ambient temperature +40C

Conditions of Usage:

  1. • Max depth in water – 5m from center of impeller
  2. • Max temperature of medium: 40C
  3. • PH scope of medium: 4PH-10PH
  4. • Kinematics viscosity of medium: 7×10-23x10m/s
  5. • Max density of medium: 1.2x10kg/m

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