Deepwell Submersible Motors R-Series Resin Filled Encapsulated

Deepwell Submersible Motors R-Series Resin Filled Encapsulated

.R.I.’s R – Series motors are hermetically sealed encapsulated and water lubricated type with Removable cable lead out. The stator winding are of enamelled copper wire and the wounded stator in mounted in a stainless steel shell and completely protected by a stainless steel cylinder and stator room is pre-filled with Resin. Dynamically balanced rotor of these ‘R’ series motors maintain uniform clearance there bygiving better efficiency and increase the life cycle of the water lubricated bush bearings. Specially designed high performance thrust bearings are used that can withstand high axial thrust loads and up thrust loads with wear and tear. Pressure equalizing rubber diaphragm is provided to guard against pressure and volume variations due to thermal expansion of water inside the motor. Motor sealing are made by means of ‘O’ rings, shaft seals and sand guard to prevent ingress of well water, sand and fibre particles in to the motor. Mounting dimension of Motors are accordance with NEMA standard.


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