C.R.I. Diesel Generators (Water Cooled)

C.R.I Gensets are 1500 rpm, 50Hz, 415V, 0.8 pf (lag), 3 Phase Generators, direct injection type, liquid cooled (with radiator) inline engines and are fitted with engine tripping facility for low lube oil pressure and high water temp. They are provided with emergency trip on canopy and rotates anti-clock wise when viewed from alternator end. Fuel Consumption figures are based on field reports, it is at 80% load, subject to +5% tolerance and 0.835 specific gravity. Sump capacity includes filters, hoses etc. Lube oil recommended is 15 W 40. Cables are 3 or 4 core armored aluminium (pls check electrical inspectorate for sizes). Alternators are normally single bearing, Brushless type, H-Class of insulation. Enclosures vary for different makes of alternators ratings as per BS 5514 / ISO 3046 / ISO 8528. Figures are as per std reference conditions. AMF Panels, Spl Panels, Single phase sets with Trailer Mounted sets supplied against specific orders.


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