A.C. Induction Motors

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A.C. Induction Motors

C.R.I. A.C. Induction motors are high efficient suitable for continuous duty operations. Motor stator is made of low watt loss steel laminations assembled under pressure and rigidly locked in the stator frame. Dynamically balanced rotor ensures vibration free and noise free operations. The varnish impregnated windings are made of high-grade enameled copper wire.

Shaft is made of high quality steel, precision ground of ample size for transmitting the rated horsepower. Construction of motor frames and usage of quality materials result in high performance and low temperature rise, thereby increasing the life cycle of the motor. Frame and end shield are of high-grade cast iron machined at close limits to ensure for an accurate alignment of bearings. In foot mounted motors, the frame and Legs are one single molded piece that ensures resistance against vibrations. High quality, heavy duty bearings are fitted in specially designed housings packed with grease that protects against dirt and dust. All single and three phase motors require adequate motor protection control panel.

High efficient IE2, IE3 energy saving motor version are available to meet various energy efficient requirements.


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